Conformity Assessment Policy

Conformity Assessment Policy

– This CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT POLICY has been announced, understood, applied and maintained at all levels in ECTI Ltd.

– Assumes and bears personal responsibility for the periodic review and updating of the CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT POLICY in view of its adequacy and continuous improvement, based on verified facts in decision-making.

– The employees of NB ECTI Ltd.  are not subjected to internal commercial, financial or other pressure, which could negatively affect the quality of its work.

– BUT “ECTI” Ltd. and its staff do not participate in any way in the development, delivery, installation, is not a buyer, owner, user or person who maintains the production of products on which conformity assessment is carried out, nor is an authorized representative of any of these countries.

– NВ “ESTI” Ltd. performs all activities in strict compliance with production and trade secrets.

– As a notified body, it assumes responsibility for possible incorrect assessments of compliance with the essential requirements in its scope of notification, and for this purpose has concluded a contract for insurance “General civil liability in conformity assessment activities” for damages caused to third parties.

– The constant goal is to provide the market with reliable, objective and impartial OS, which will be accepted unreservedly by customers.

– THE CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT POLICY is aimed at achieving the strategic goal – achieving and maintaining full compliance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 17065: 2012 «Conformity assessment. Requirements for the certification bodies of products, processes and services ».

– Assists, within its competence to maintain and improve the qualifications of employees. – Provides the necessary technical and financial resources for quality and timely implementation of the services offered.