Certification of Technical Products

Certification of Technical Products

ECTI performs procedures on conformity assessment which are required for placing a CE marking. The Directives and Regulations that determine the product categories requiring a CE marking are more than 28. The General Provisions of these Directives and Regulations contain the main requirements that a product must meet (for example safety). Manufacturers, other economic operators or conformity assessment bodies can use the harmonized European standards in order to prove that products, services or processes are in compliance with the respective EU legislation. CE marking is obligatory for a large number of products. It is a conformity marking which shows that the product has been assessed and meets the safety requirements of the applicable Directive. In its capacity of a notified body NB 2853, ECTI performs conformity assessment of:

  • Radio equipment
  • Machinery
  • Personal protective equipment

For products within its scope ECTI also performs voluntary certification. The rules on performing voluntary certification are provided in „Regulation for the voluntary certification”.

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